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About us

Hi there! We’re a husband and wife team based out of Alberta, Canada focused on sharing our life experiences, hoping that it helps you learn something new and exciting everyday.

Frakking Creations is our Website resource (started in 2019) and YouTube variety channel (started back in 2015) that touches different parts of your life, mainly:

Frakking Creations is meant for individuals who want to be prepared, who want to take matters into their own hands and want to know other ways of doing things. Believing in the importance of sharing knowledge we love to learn, teach and share with you our successes and failures.

Side note…you may notice that we show ourselves / don’t show ourselves in the photos we provide of us. We are a bit shy and not ready yet to show our faces to the world. However, we are more than prepared to get you ready and up-to-speed on whatever of the four main areas you need help in!

The team films, photographs, voice overs, web designs, blogs and edits all

the content you see on our YouTube channel and this Website.

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We appreciate your support!

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Welcome to Frakking Creations

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