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Air Canada Business Class on Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner from Calgary (YYC) to Frankfurt (FRA)

Air Canada Business class/Signature class cabin pod lie-flat seats

We won our bid to upgrade from premium economy to business class with Air Canada! My husband and I were so thrilled as this was our first time to experience a higher class of seating beyond economy. 

We are giving you the inside scoop on what you can expect on a business / signature class flight with Air Canada based on our nine hour long haul flight from Canada enroute to Europe.

Don’t miss out as we’re going to take you through the cabin, the private seating pod and its amenities, inflight entertainment system, meal service, etc.!

Flight information:

– Airline: Air Canada

– Aircraft: Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner

– Route: Calgary (YYC) to Frankfurt (FRA)

– Seat numbers: 7D and 7G

– Date: Wednesday, April 10, 2019

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Winning our bid to upgrade!

Air Canada actually calls this their Air Canada Signature Class Service, but for booking airplane tickets on the Air Canada website you will need to head to the business class tab. 

We originally purchased Premium Economy mixed cabin seating for our flight to Europe, but we decided to try our luck and see if we can bid to upgrade to business class from premium economy. 

Near the end of the payment process for our tickets, we were asked online if we wanted to bid to upgrade our seats.

We gave our credit card number for ease of payment and put in the lowest bid of $810 per person to move up to business class and found out two to three days before our flight that we got it! Lucky us we won our bid for our main flight to Europe! 

Pre-boarding experience

Our flight was from Calgary airport in Canada to Frankfurt airport in Germany. Since we had a mixed economy flight, we could’ve enjoyed the business class lounge in Calgary airport however we didn’t have that much time between connecting flights. 

For our flight we got to board and line up in Zone 1, I’ve never gone in first to an airplane or be in a priority line. I’m was feeling very privileged and so excited! 

Couples seating in the middle 

Our sitting arrangement had us in the middle seats of the cabin near the back of the cabin.

The middle seats had a panel between each seat, unfortunately it can’t be lowered, as it seems like a permanent fixture, so my husband and I usually had to pop our heads into the next pod to talk or kiss each other goodnight. 

I’m was ridiculously excited being in signature class as I was sitting my seat. 

Once again, this was our first time ever as we’ve been travelling via economy seating for so many years!! It definitely pays to go the extra mile for comfort especially on a nine hour flight. 

Big cabin and lots of storage

The cabin had high ceilings so it felt airy and roomy. 

There was a lot of storage to put your carry-on and personal item bag. The overhead bins were quite big.

There was a storage compartment underneath the inner arm rest, where it housed the plugs for my electronic devices, the headphone jack and the remote control for the touchscreen in front of me. 

Under the outer arm rest there was another storage compartment.

There was even storage where my feet were. I had put my newspaper and my personal item bag down there.

First flight service

I got a juice and a newspaper as I was settling in. My husband just got wine. 

The stewardess took our dinner order first then took our breakfast order. I was in a mad rush to sanitize my pod as this was all happening, so I couldn’t really enjoy the first flight service as I wanted to.

Flight service was offered in English, French and German. So cool!

Second flight service

Then we got a hot towel service. The towel was nice and hot and fantastic to wipe on my face and neck as I was slightly sweaty earlier getting to our gate in Calgary. Very refreshing on the skin. 

Seating arrangement & amenities

We were seated at the back of the cabin, so we had quick access to the washroom and galley behind us.

The seat belt had padding around it to make it more comfortable. The thicker seatbelt padding is said to be an airbag. Quite interesting!

Flight items provided

We got a pillow, blanket / comforter and a lightly padded mattress cover for chilling or sleeping on.

Vanity kit for personal hygiene.

Headphones for the inflight entertainment system.

Bottled water as an extra drink throughout the flight.

I was able to adjust the tray table in front of me to bring it closer to me so I didn’t have to stretch out too far. I was able to keep it small or expand it to make it bigger.

The outer arm rest can be adjusted to move up or down.

The cool thing about plugging your devices in the right arm rest storage is that you don’t have to worry about cables getting messy or tangled together. The cables are able to come out under the storage flap as it was designed to have a bit of dip underneath for cables to come through when the storage flap was down.

There were seating, lighting and service controls near the chair. No need for me to reach for the lights all the way up above my head. I was able to control it from here. 

I was able to control the comfort of my chair and they even had a massage function. Under the control function, you were able to move your chair up or down. They also had a service button, where you can ask for assistance from the cabin crew.

There was another reading light right beside the chair’s headrest.

I had so much room in my pod and I’m a 5’3” tall woman!!

Inflight entertainment system

The inflight entertainment system was a large touch screen – so cool! Unfortunately, our remotes were not working so I had to lean in a lot to use the touch screen.

You could select the movie you wanted to watch or check out how far and where you were enroute to your destination.

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3rd flight service

Then they served us some snacks like nuts and I asked for a water and their signature cocktail as I was curious to try. The salted almond and cashews were tasty as I like salted nuts and the cashews were phenomenal.

Private pods and personal space

Each seat is your own private pod and you’re not really disturbed by any of your neighbours. The pod walls were pretty tall so you can’t see what your neighbour was doing in front or behind you.

There was so much space for your feet and body, especially if your 5’3” like me. I felt free to move about in my own space and everyone had their own private space to move about as well.

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4th flight service

Then they served the dinner meal service. We were given the menu at the beginning of the flight outlining what we could got for dinner and drinks. The menu is written in English, French, and German.

For the appetizer’s my husband and I both got the:

1) Seared scallops, eggplant caponata, and pearl couscous

2) Garlic bread

3) Mixed greens, grape tomatoes, and vinaigrette

4) They also give you a mini salt and pepper shaker, where the opening is sealed by some sort of sticker and you got butter too.

For the main course I got the:

1) Soy and maple marinated salmon, forbidden black rice, shiitake mushrooms, snap peas, and bok choy and this was a Hawksworth Signature Dish and Air Canada NutriCuisine. 

2) The staff came around with bread again and I got an extra garlic bread!

3) For my husband, he got the chicken breast, lemon butter, roasted fingerling potatoes, and green beans

As a foodie I loved the couscous in the appetizer dish. They definitely fed you a lot here.  My husband said he felt like the food was non-stop or at least he was well fed and was full the whole flight.  Oh my gosh I’m (metaphorically) dying with the quality of food, it is so good!! 

They had legit cutlery and glasses.

For dessert I got an opera cake and a nice cup of hot chamomile tea and for my husband a milk tea.  Unfortunately, they ran out of fruits.

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The cabin staff

The staff were super duper nice and accommodating to our needs. You really are paying for world class service. 

For example, I was just filming the snacks that I got and the cabin manager asked me and my husband if we wanted our picture taken. That was very nice of him. The staff were majority of the time available for you and kept asking if we needed anything like water and if they could take away any dirty dishes, glasses or garbage, so no need to worry about your pod getting dirty or full of unwanted things.

For the first time in my life I can actually say I am thoroughly enjoying myself on a flight. So much comfort and great service!

Vanity kit

Vanity bag seems like good quality.

You got:

1) Eyeshades

2) Earplugs

3) Glass cloth made of 100% polyester

4) Mini Colgate toothpaste, mouthwash, floss pick and a toothbrush

5) Vitruvi travel essentials kit with lip balm and hand lotion.

6) Socks

7) A coupon for 20% off your purchase of WANT Les Essentials in-store or online purchases

The other amenities provided

You got headphones but they only work on Air Canada flights so you don’t get to keep them.

Also there was no free wifi on the plane.

Sleepy time

The windows had the ability to be dimmed electronically all the way to blocking out almost all sunlight.

Make sure to use all storage available to you to feel at home and to have things you need readily available. Accessing my personal item bag over and over again was a hassle so I put my personal needy items in my cute little hidden cubby. 

Cabin lights were dimmed to allow passengers to sleep.

I made up my own bed as it was pretty easy and intuitive. I put the chair in sleep lie-flat mode and I put down the mattress cover, added the comforter and pillow.

The comforter was super warm. 

Nice that I was able to easily toss and turn from one side to the other without worrying about falling out of the chair as I had my seatbelt on. 

You can adjust the mattress to be soft or firm but the way the layout was I couldn’t find a comfortable position to sleep. 

Since I sat at the back of the cabin there was a lot of commotion going on in the galley behind us, so I couldn’t really sleep. I tried to sleep but I kept tossing and turning with my eyes shut for three hours. The ear plugs and eye mask that I brought didn’t work well for me. So I stayed up and watched a movie.

More snacks

My husband was able to get more snacks after he woke up at some point during the flight. Oh my gosh, I didn’t get any cheese and crackers!!


5th service 

We got a second hot towel service before breakfast, which was so nice after waking up.

The washroom

I found this so surprising, lol, a window in the washroom!! I never seen this before. You can even tint the window.

The washroom was nice and big to move around in.

The sink had a hand motion detector to dispense water and could be adjusted to be hot or cold water.

They had an air freshener, hand cream, and I think a water spray for the face.

I really like the wall design they had in the washroom with the branches and the Canadian maple leaves.

6th service

The breakfast meal service came. We had to fill out a card on selecting our breakfast items at the beginning of the flight.

These were the breakfast items that I got:

1) Parsley omelet, chicken sausage, cottage cheese, roasted red skin potatoes, and red pepper relish

2) Croissant

3) Sliced seasonal fruit

4) Oatmeal

5) I got an apple juice and earl grey tea with cream and sugar.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t finish the oatmeal porridge. I thought it would be fresh or made by the caterer but it was oatmeal in a cup and I got full, so I decided not to finish it.

My husband got an extra bun, yogurt, orange juice, and coffee. As well as the same omelet dish I got.

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