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Aren’t they Low Tech Obsolete? Top Steering Wheel Lock: Stoplock Pro to stop Keyless car theft?

Blog_Cars_Aren't they Low Tech Obsolete Top Steering Wheel Lock Stoplock Pro to stop Keyless car theft

Steering wheel locks.  A Low Tech way to add another layer of security to your car.  Do they work or are they obsolete? Can they help? Do you still need them now-a-days with new cars that have immobilizers?  Maybe they are still needed with keyless car thefts, relay attack thefts, Kia USB car thefts and Apple AirTag car thefts on the rise.

The Stoplock Pro may be one of the best steering wheel locks out there that balances security with easy of use and storage in the car.  So stop using The Club steering wheel locks and use this steering wheel lock instead!

Whether you have an older car or a newer car with keyless entry and keyless start, this might be a tool you might want to consider using. Watch and find out more on one of the top Steering wheel locks available now and prevent keyless car theft and relay attacks.

If you want to get one of these steering wheel locks too, then check below for the links to purchase.

Watch our video to see more on the Stoplock Pro steering wheel lock!

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Let’s get started!

If you’re in the market for a steering wheel lock then make sure you know what you’re getting into!

1st things first.  No security device can prevent car theft 100%.

  • If a thief wants your car bad enough, then they will find a way
  • Security devices are used to deter or slow down a thief only

2nd.  If you are going to install a security device, spend the money to buy a decent one.  When you buy anything you typically get what you pay for aside from paying premium dollars for name brands.  This doesn’t mean you have to buy the most expensive, but do your research and buy one that gives you the most bang for your money.

3rd.  A layered approach is a good idea.  YouTube is full of videos showing you how you can break into cars or defeat security devices.  If you have multiple layers of protection it makes it that much more difficult for the thief.

4th. Even new cars that have immobilizers are being hack by cheap electronic devices you can get on Ebay or online now-a-days.  Therefore, it might make sense to have a steering wheel lock to at least act as another layer a thief needs to defect to be able to drive away with your car.  Note though that this doesn’t work if the thief has a tow-truck or flatbed truck at disposal.  They can use these to easily tow your car away even if you have parking brakes engaged and the front wheels turned all the way to one side.

If you are still reading then you are OK with the 4 points I mentioned above and you might still be looking for a steering wheel lock that is user-friendly and offers one of the best protection available in a steering wheel lock.

This is the Stoplock Pro.  It is one of the better steering wheel locks out there.  Though it is one of the better locks out there, as with all steering wheel locks it can be defeated.  It’s usually the weakest link that criminals look for in a security system and in this case that would be the steering wheel itself.  By cutting the steering wheel a lot of steering wheel locks out there can be removed in under 10s.

A steering wheel lock is a deterrent and something that will slow the thief down a little.  As such, you at least want to get one that is better than most and not defeatable in only a matter of seconds.

In March 2016, AutoExpress and security specialist Giles Verdon tested 8 popular steering wheel locks and was able to defeat all 8 devices.  3 required no tools and took less than 5s.  The top device is the Stoplock Pro which took over 5 minutes and required tools and a lot of noise making.  The second rated device is the DiskLok which also took 5+ minutes but is heavy, cumbersome and very expensive.

Update: AutoExpress has a new review on the Best steering wheel locks for 2021/2022 and Stoplock Pro is still rated #1 due to taking over 5 minutes to defeat and ease of use (user-friendliness).  Disklok is the ultimate protection but is more cumbersome to use.  Find links to these two steering wheel locks below.

A good steering wheel lock will lock around one of the steering wheel spokes and around the steering wheel thereby requiring at least 2 cuts to the steering wheel and will also cover the steering hub.  It should be made of hardened alloys, have a well armored lock mechanism as well as be user-friendly to fit and store and also come at a reasonable price.

Learn more about steering locks

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Check if the Stoplock Pro steering wheel lock fits your car using the application fitment guide.

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Buy one of the top 2 steering wheel locks here:

Alternative vendors

  Buy a Stoplock Pro
  Buy a Stoplock Pro Elite
Buy a DiskLok

So in summary, knowing that steering wheel locks are all defeatable, if you still choose to use one, make sure to get one that takes several minutes of noisy hacking to remove versus one that takes a few seconds.

These other solutions pair well with steering wheel locks like the Stoplock Pro

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Also checkout these videos from CBC Marketplace that talk about high-tech electronic car thefts happening now-a-days using RollJam or Relay attacks. Thieves have caught up with anti-theft technology and can easily walk-up, unlock your car and start it… all without the original keys.  Watch and stay informed! Protect yourself now.

And lastly, check out our video on car hacking and theft prevention by protecting your car computer by securing the OBD port with OBDSaver.  Key cloning is another way thieves are stealing vehicles these days so for vehicle security you often need several layers of protection.