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Best Portable Laptop Stand for home, office, back to school & travel – Must have laptop accessory

Blog_Tech_Best Portable Laptop Stand for home, office, back to school & travel - Must have laptop accessory

Whether you are starting to or have been working from home, at the office, from school, traveling or are gaming with your laptop having a good laptop setup on the desk or on the go is important for optimizing space, ergonomics and laptop cooling.

Having a good laptop stand is a good way to achieve this and today we have one of the best portable aluminum laptop stands available.  Use it for a permanent desk setup or bring it along with you to the office, back to school, coffee shops, LAN parties, traveling and more!  This sturdy aluminum laptop stand folds up nicely to bring on the plane, train, to the library and even to coffee shops, LAN parties, for WFH, content creation and more!

In this post, see what this must have laptop accessory has to offer and the many different kinds available for you to choose from.

Watch the video here or continue reading!

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From the many hours it takes to script our content then video edit to the blogs we write for our website, as content creators, we use our laptops a lot.  Like many that work long hours on laptops, not having a proper laptop setup can be an issue that affects your productivity, health and laptop reliability.

Before getting these portable laptop stands our setup was less than optimal.  Less desk space for use, neck pain, less than ideal laptop cooling and just plain terrible portability.

home office desk setup without proper laptop stand for ergonomics

So I scoured online and looked over the many laptop stands available today, to finally land on these cool portable aluminum stands for PC laptops and MacBooks.

These come in a basic box but packaged nicely inside in a drawstring carry-bag with a small instruction card.  Though, not needed as it’s straight forward to use.

It’s made out of aluminum so it has a very nice finish on it and is very sturdy.  This model can hold up to 11 lbs of weight.  My Alienware 15 R3 laptop is a tank but comes in at just under 8 lbs so is suitable for this too.

It is supposed to support up to 15.6” laptops but this Alienware is an oversized 15” that come closer to a 17” sized laptop.  Still works well but because the Alienware is slightly heavy at the rear, I can’t use the lower height settings because it is unbalanced.  You can see the arms aren’t quite long enough.  Though this is not an issue for me since I only use the higher settings to have proper height for preventing neck strain.  When you compare to an MSI 17” laptop, it fits just fine.

Check below as we have links to this and other similar stands.  There are many features to choose from.  Ones that have longer arms, others that have a wider stance or even a double decker.  Pretty awesome selection so check them out!

Best portable laptop stands, aluminum laptop stands, ergonomic laptop stands and adjustable laptop stands

As shown in the video, we have tried our stand out with different laptops, tablets and smartphones as listed below:

A 12” laptop   Dell 1210M XPS  [11.7” x 8.7” x 1.2” / 29.7 x 22.1 x 3.0 cm]

A 15” laptop Toshiba Satellite Pro C50  [15.0” x 9.5” x 1.3” / 38.0 x 24.2 x 3.34 cm]

An oversized 15” laptop Alienware 15 R3  [15.3” x 12” x 1” / 38.9 x 30.5 x 2.54 cm]

A 17” laptop MSI 17.3” GF75  [ 15.6” x 10.2” x 0.9” / 39.6 x 25.9 x 2.29 cm ]

A Tablet Sony Xperia Z3  [ 8.40” x 4.87” x 0.25” / 21.34 x 12.36 x 0.64 cm ]

And a smartphone Essential PH-1  [ 5.57” x 2.80” x 0.31” / 14.15 x 7.11 x 0.78 cm ] 

What’s great is the thick, non-skid, silicone pads.  These are better than rubber pads and are quite grippy with a high-quality feel to them.

For helping with proper neck posture, you can see that with this aluminum stand the screen is brought to a proper height for better ergonomics.

Comparing proper height of laptop screen with and without laptop stand
Comparing proper height of laptop screen with and without laptop stand

Most modern laptops have great cooling abilities already but that’s negatively affected when you place your laptops on the desk like this.  The low clearance hinders the airflow to the fans so they work less than ideally.  A stand like this allows the laptop fans to work optimally thereby allowing the laptop to cool more efficiently as designed and prevent damage from heat.  This is a must for all laptop owners from office workers, entrepreneurs, content creators, students, gamers and more!

We love that it folds up nice and compact, easily slides into the laptop bag to bring with us anywhere.  At only 231g it’s a little heavier than my Essential smartphone so it’s a no brainer for bringing with us while traveling with our laptop.

To setup, just pull apart the base to fully extend.  Then raise the platform frame to the desired angle and position the support arms to one of six adjustable ergonomic height levels.  The lowest setting raises the laptop at a 10 degree angle.  The highest setting raises to about 40 degree angle.

You can also just use it without using the support arms.  This will lift the laptop up so that there is more room for airflow to the cooling fans of the laptop.

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You can even have it setup near the edge of a table to type when you are out on the move and don’t have much table or desk space.  It’s quite stable and there no issues typing directly on the laptop in this configuration.

I think it will be really useful on the airplane or train as the footprint should fit the tray table.  This might even make it easier to type while preventing strain on your neck in those cramped conditions.

Buy the laptop stands here:

If the above links don’t deliver to your country or have high shipping costs, try the link below as an alternative.  Several laptop stand options are available.

Working from home laptop desk setup with laptop stand, dual screens, wireless keyboard and wireless mouse
Working from home laptop desk setup with laptop stand, dual screens, wireless keyboard and wireless mouse

This is the perfect solution for us and we have been enjoying using it.  It has helped with my neck pain and helped my wife reclaim a lot of desk space on a small desk.  We can’t wait to start traveling with this stand!

Remember to checkout the links below for this model and several others!  It might just be the right portable laptop stand for you too.  If you enjoyed our review, please share it and subscribe to our YouTube if you haven’t already.  Let us know how you like it if you decide to try this out!

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