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Bokksu review: After three unboxings/tastings, is this Japanese snack box subscription service worth it?

Three Bokksu Boxes stacked

Get to know our first-hand customer experience with a Bokksu subscription, so you our viewers know what you may or may not expect when purchasing from Bokksu.

Bokksu is a monthly subscription service, where each month you get an authentic Japanese snack-filled box made-only in Japan.

We are not sponsored by Bokksu and are providing our honest review.

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Subscription plan

Bokksu offers monthly snack subscription plans. There are four types of subscription plans to choose from, where each plan automatically renews based on the number of months chosen for renewal:

1) One month
2) Three months
3) Six months
4) 12 months

We purchased a three-month Bokksu snack subscription plan, which meant that for three months we paid for one snack box to be delivered each month to Canada, which is where we live. We got a total of three Bokksu snack boxes to try. 

In purchasing a three-month subscription, the subscription would automatically renew and charge my credit card every three months. Something to keep in mind, if you’re unsure of renewing for another three months. 

Shipping was free for all subscriptions. When at check out we paid the subscription fee in U.S. dollars (USD) and was charged in Canadian dollars (CDN) on our credit card, which automatically included the USD exchange rate for that day.

Bokksu receipt


Shipping for each Bokksu snack box was different. Shipping to Canada varied from one to four weeks. Keep in mind we purchased our snack box subscription during Covid-19, so we can’t speak to what it was like pre- or post-pandemic.

From our experience, from the first box to the last we had shipping go from seven days to 15 days then to the longest of 28 days. The box was sent from Japan via Japan Post to Canada via Canada Post.

We typically received emails on when our package was shipped. The first box that was shipped we received a tracking number, however subsequent boxes we didn’t receive a tracking number, not too sure why.

Side note: Personally, it was so cool receiving mail from Japan for the first time.

Customer service

Customer experience was very good. Their staff were very responsive and friendly. They managed our expectations of when they would get back to our question.

For example, for my last snack box we didn’t receive a shipping confirmation email for three weeks. We checked their Frequently Asked Question web page first to confirm when our order shipped and this is what it said:

Bokksu 3_When does order ship FAQ info

Neither happened, so we contacted Bokksu through their contact form on November 11, 2020 to find out what happened to our order and let them know that we didn’t receive a shipment email. 

Bokksu 3_Contact form

They got back to us on the same day within one hour of contacting them.

Lab Created Diamonds


The boxes were more streamlined now as for past customers the boxes had varied in size and look. As a new customer we received Bokksu boxes that are the same in colour, design, and size (Box dimensions were: 8.5″ x 8.5″ x 4.25″).

Bokksu boxes
Bokksu boxes
Bokksu culture guides
Culture guides

Every box came with a culture guide, which provided a brief explanation of the theme of the box, the snack, the snack’s name and the snack’s origin.

The box included many wrapped Japanese snacks that may or may not have had duplicates.

Bokksu - Seasons of Japan box opened

Seasons of Japan themed box was the first box that we received as a new customer ordering from Bokksu for the very first time. This is the same for all new customers. For this box we got 16 different snacks in total, where for some snacks we got two. In total, we got 20 Japanese premium goodies.

Check out our unboxing video of Seasons of Japan here!

Afterwards we received the monthly themed boxes, which are different each month. In each box we received 13 different snacks in total, where for some snacks we got two. In total, we got 20 Japanese premium goodies.

Check out our unboxing videos for the two other Bokksu boxes we received!

We typically had snacks leftover if we received two of the snacks.

In terms of what we did with the box afterwards, we used it to store personal affections or Mi Goreng noodle packages. By all means the box itself was quite sturdy and of good quality. We were not a fan of how the box opens, however we wanted to ensure these boxes were put to good use and not just recycle them.

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Japanese snacks

All snacks came in their original Japanese packaging, so a lot of Japanese words throughout each package. Definitely used the culture guide to identify which snack was what. Each box came with at least one mochi snack and a tea. The rest of the snacks varied from sweet to savoury. From chips to mini pastries.

Bokksu website

Their website was very comprehensive, especially their Frequently Asked Question webpage, as it provides answers to a plethora of questions. We highly recommend going there first with your questions prior to contacting them.

More about Bokksu

Bokksu account

When we purchased our snack box subscription, we were required to create an account with Bokksu. Some features to be aware of that were important to us in our in our Bokksu account were: 

1) Shipping status of our box
2) Next month’s box, if you’re too excited to wait
3) Deactivating or pausing our subscription 

Please keep these in mind.

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What we learnt about Japanese culture?

The Japanese value food a lot. The quality and thought that went into each snack astounded us.

We learnt that certain snacks and food themes vary per season, such as fall was themed by the eating of many various sweet potatoes. 

We learnt that Japanese mochi was squishy, soft, and doesn’t stick to your teeth. 

Many times we were impressed with the fact that we were eating a mini cake, mini pie, or French pastry. These types of snacks are hard to come by here in Canada, as our snacks are nothing fancy and typically too sweet. We found many Japanese snacks to be right in the middle of sweetness.

We were also impressed with a lot of the French inspired snacks as we saw so many French words being used in the name of the snacks and in their culture guide.

Each snack was like a mini-adventure from the packaging to the snack itself. Best of all, we were getting local Japanese made snacks that we can’t get here in Canada.

Overall thoughts

In my opinion, Bokksu is a great way to treat yourself with premium Japanese snacks. Covid-19 cancelled our trip to Japan in April 2020, so this became a sweet alternative in having a glimpse into Japanese culture without setting foot into Japan. We got to learn how the Japanese treat each season and what each City specializes in for food. We thoroughly enjoyed the quality, texture, taste, and experience of each snack.

In the meantime, we have paused our monthly subscription box as we wanted to try Bokksu, but not commit to it permanently. We still have the option of restarting our subscription when we’re ready for another adventure to Japan through food.

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