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Easy Heatwave hack to Stay Cool – How to Cool your Bed & Couch Instantly in a Hot house

Blog_DIY_How to Cool your Bed & Couch instantly - Stay Cool with this Heatwave hack

When it’s hot in your room and your bed feels like a sauna, it can be impossible to sleep.  Whether it’s during the summer seasons or it’s hot all year-round where you live, staying cool is essential and important for getting a good night’s sleep.

Here’s a quick, easy heatwave hack for those HOT summer days or during heat waves and heat warnings when your bed, couch or backpack can feel like hot stones on your back.  If you don’t have AC and a fan just isn’t helping, then try this cooling hack to give your body a break from the heat in the house or even when out traveling with a backpack.

And if this passive cooling solution isn’t enough then try the active bed cooling systems mentioned in the video or find them at the end.

NOTE: Please be careful using this hack and follow the instructions so that you do not hurt yourself.  Find out more in the video.

Watch the video here!

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Also, check out our other post on cooling your room without AC if you need more ideas to stay cool in your hot house.

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As you can see in this thermal image, a mattress will absorb and hold heat it gets from the surrounding and your body.  In the summer time, the heat can quickly get overwhelming and if you don’t have AC you will start to sweat, toss and turn.

The lifehack we have is to use Cold Gel or Ice packs.  Yes, simple ice packs that work surprisingly good when employed using our lifehack.  Read on to find out how…

Not only are hot/cold gel packs good for injuries and body aches, they are also great for chilling your bed.  The key is to use a towel to wrap it so that you absorb the water condensation and also to prevent you from damaging or freezing your skin!

A quick disclaimer that when using ice packs it is very easy to accidentally freeze your skin and underlying tissue resulting in permanent damage.  Please be careful and stay awake while using these to avoid ice burns.  If at anytime you feel numbness or pain you need to remove the ice packs.

If you have back problems or blood circulation conditions you will want to be extra careful and don’t use this method for children or babies.

That aside, here is what you do.  Get one of these gel or ice packs and put it in the freezer as per instructions to freeze.  Make sure to lay it flat as it may harden when frozen.  Here is how you want to wrap it.  When you first try this, you want to use a thicker towel and wrap the gel pack over a few times to ensure it doesn’t get too cold on the outside.  After you try it out, you can adjust as necessary.

Two ways to use this hack

The first way to use this is to place the wrapped gel packs where you would normally lie down.  It should be positioned where you would normally lay the center of your back on.  When you lie down on it, it should be comfortable and not cause any pain.  The cooling effect will start coming through immediately.  Here is what it looks like with the thermal camera.

Stop usage if you start to feel any burning, pain or numbness.  

Use this only 20 minutes at a time alternating with and without the wrapped gel packs.

Alternatively, just use this method to chill your mattress before you remove and sleep as usual.  Just put this on your mattress 45 minutes before bedtime then remove and sleep.  In this case, you can use one layer wrapping between the bed and the ice pack.

Depending on the specific gel pack you have or the towel you use, you can adjust how you wrap the gel packs and over time you will find the best combination that suits you.

Checking the temperature of the bed after using the cooling hack
Checking the temperature of the bed after using the cooling hack

If you need to get some gel packs for yourself, look below for some of our affiliate links.  There are different brands and size options available.  Also, the backpack we used with this lifehack is linked below.  

If you are a techie, we’ve also included a link to the IR Thermal imaging camera that we used to film.  It’s a great addition to any smartphones out there!

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And look!  This solution works well for couches or sofas too.


Also, if you have a backpack like this, you can even do this hack to keep your back cool on those hot summers days when you are out and about.  Just use a small towel and gel pack combo and place inside.

This solution is a lifehack that anyone can easily do at home without much, but if you want a better solution then active cooling is the best way to go. 

Checkout the active cooling and heating products that you can get for your bed.  They can warm or cool using either air or water to keep your body temperature ideal for a great night’s sleep.

If you try our lifehack out, then let us know how well it worked for you!  If you like it, please share with one person.

Until next time, take care and stay cool!