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Easy Homemade Mini Boba Milk Tea from scratch – Tasty Bubble Tea Recipe to Make at Home

Blog_DIY_Easy Homemade Mini Bubble Milk Tea from scratch

Bubble Tea is a popular drink that is enjoyed by many in the world today and if this is one of your favourite drinks to enjoy or you’re looking for a new favourite drink to enjoy in the heat of the summer, or anytime for that matter, then let us show you how to easily make this tasty drink at home and what you can use as an alternative to tapioca pearls… Mini “boba”!

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Bubble tea is also known as… Bubble milk tea, Boba Tea, Pearl milk tea, Tapioca tea, Zhen Zhu nai Cha (珍珠奶茶) and many more names.

To start, bubble teas are often made with black teas, but it can be easily made at home with many different teas.  We’ve tried with green teas as well with tasty results so make sure to try this out and check the end of the post for our favourite teas that work great for bubble tea.

One of the keys is to make the tea very strong so if you have a favourite tea then give it a try and you may be surprised how good it tastes.

Find the recipe below.

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Watch the video here!

Find the Recipe below.

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You can use tea bags or loose leaf tea, but in either case you will need to make the tea strong.  So the 2 ways we will do this is to increase the amount of tea leaves and steep longer.  Depending on the tea you use, you may even need to use 3x to 4x (Or more) the amount of tea so keep that in mind.  For example, some teas like green teas are not as strong and so you will need to use more tea leaves.  As for steeping, we will steep the tea 10 to 15 minutes with boiling hot water.

Use tea bags or loose leaf tea and steep in a coffee/tea press or in a cup or measuring cup in a tea strainer.

Once you try our method at least once, to know what it should taste like, adjust to use more or less tea and steeping time to your liking.

TIP: Check the end of this post for the recipe and tips including how to make enough for a 2L jug.

Typically bubble tea will have Tapioca pearls added [a.k.a Boba, Sago, Pearls] but we’ve found a great alternative that works well and is easy to use.  Plus it’s healthier.  Not that bubble tea is healthy to begin with… but enjoying it every now and then is OK.

For our mini boba, we use Chia seeds.  When the chia seeds are soaked in a liquid they absorb it and become gelatinous, which works very well for bubble milk tea.

For sweetness we will be using brown sugar.

After adding the brown sugar and chia seeds, stir and let soak for a few minutes in the hot tea to activate the chia seeds.

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Click here to load the video to view the description

We have found that evaporated milk works best for bubble tea.  Some people prefer to use condensed milk instead but with evaporated milk you can control the amount of sweetness through the amount of sugar you add.

BTW, don’t use regular milk.  If you prefer, you can instead use milk powder.  It will give you a milk tea that tastes more like some store bought bubble teas since they tend to use milk powder.  Add as per instructions on the label.

Depending on the type of tea you use you may need to add more or less milk.  Darker teas tend to need more.  Add milk and stir.

For bubble milk tea, you should always drink it cold.  Make sure it’s at least fridge cold to ice cold or it won’t taste as good.  For others, you can drink it hot too but never luke-warm.

For this step, add ice but note that it will dilute the milk tea and you don’t want to do that too much or it won’t taste good.  Add the ice and stir thoroughly.

If you know you are going to add a lot of ice, make sure to make an even stronger tea.

Alternatively, you can chill in the fridge before serving and it will maintain its full flavour!

Serve cold with a reusable straw!


Single Serving:

Not using Ice to chill

Serving size 350mL (Tea + Milk)

  • 280mL – 250mL hot water
  • tea leaves or tea bags (3x or more tea thank single serving)
  • 1 – 2 tbsp brown sugar
  • 1 – 1.5 tbsp Chia seeds (optional).  Adjust the amount to your liking.
  • 60mL – 100mL evaporated milk OR milk powder (as per label)

Using Ice to chill

Serving size 350mL (Tea + Milk)

  • 200mL hot water
  • 1 – 2 tbsp brown sugar
  • 1 – 1.5 tbsp Chia seeds (optional).  Adjust the amount to your liking.
  • 60mL – 100mL evaporated milk OR milk powder (as per label)
  • tea leaves or tea bag (4x or more tea than single serving)
  • Ice cubes (several medium cubes)




If you need some reusable straws, tea strainer or coffee/tea press then you can use our affiliate links below to purchase some.

Making a 2L Jug:


Serving size 2L (Tea + Milk)

2L measuring cup or large pot (Stainless steel preferable)


  • 1.65L hot water
  • 6 – 11 tbsp brown or white sugar
  • 1 can (354mL) evaporated milk / enough milk powder for 6 – 8 cups water (as per label)
  • 24 bags of tea or loose leaf (3x to 4x amount required to make 8 cups)
  • 1 – 1.5 tbsp Chia seeds for each serving of bubble tea (350 mL).  Adjust the amount to your liking.

Either make the tea in the 2L measuring cup using hot water or boil the water in the pot and add the tea/tea leaves.  Once boiled, let steep for 10 – 15 minutes.  Remove the tea bags or strain the tea to remove tea leaves.

Add the sugar and evaporated milk/milk powder and stir to mix thoroughly.  Do not add Chia seeds if you plan on storing the milk tea in the fridge over multiple days.


Cool down to room temperature then pour into 2L jug.  Chill overnight then serve with a couple of ice cubes and reusable straws.


** NOTE:  If mini “boba” is desired then pour out some Chia seeds into a small bowl and add some water to cover.  Let sit for few minutes until it activates (becomes gel like).  Then add to each serving of bubble milk tea, stir thoroughly and serve.



Enjoy and remember to Share this recipe with your friends & family

If you need some reusable straws, tea strainer or coffee/tea press then check here.

If you’re interested:

Our favourite Organic Earl Grey tea is from Two Leaves and a Bud.  It’s a very fragrant tea … Best Earl Grey we’ve ever had.  Check them out if you’re looking for a new tea to try.

On another note, their Organic Tropical Green Tea (though not used for our bubble teas) is a very relaxing tea to drink when you are enjoying some down time!

As mentioned at the beginning of this post, Bubble tea can be made with many different teas.  You can use black teas, green teas, white teas, etc…  So try with your favourite and you might be very surprised how good it tastes.


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Variety of teas
Variety of teas

As promised, here are some of our favourite flavours to make bubble tea with:

  • Royal Milk Tea  (Earl Grey tea)
  • Oolong Milk Tea  (Oolong tea)
  • Hojicha Milk Tea  (Roasted Japanese green tea)
  • Green Milk Tea  (Chinese green tea)
  • Japanese Green Milk Tea  (Japanese green tea)
  • Genmaicha Milk Tea  (Japanese roasted brown rice green tea)
  • Orange Pekoe Milk Tea  (Orange Pekoe black tea)

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Click here to load the video to view the description

Click here to load the video to view the description

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