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Easy LED Headlight Bulb Install upgrade DIY how-to – LED vs HID vs Halogen Headlights

Blog_Cars_Easy LED Headlight Bulb Install upgrade DIY how-to - LED vs HID vs Halogen Headlights

Learn more about the headlight systems available for vehicles (LED headlights vs hid vs halogen).  Then learn how to install LED headlight bulbs.

Find out what’s the difference between regular incandescent Halogen, LED (Light Emitting Diode) and HID (High Intensity Discharge) bulbs?  Which ones are better?


Watch this DIY mod video to install Quality SMZ LED bulbs into a 2013 Dodge Journey with reflector type headlight units.  Also works for most other cars.  Just buy the correct bulb type to fit your headlight assembly

Replace your stock/OEM halogen bulbs NOW!  This conversion makes a big difference to the appeal of the car and adds not only safety but class!  Mod or Winterize your car now.

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I picked the 5000K color bulbs for better illumination in the rain. If you prefer more a blue tint get the 6000K color!

Note:  If your low beams are also your high beams or are also your DRL (Daytime Running Lights) then you will need a bulb that can support that or you will need in-line capacitors or some other modifications to perform the upgrade correctly.  Look for a future video where I install on low beams that are also DRLs (for Canadian vehicles).

CORRECTION:  Index the LED chips to point sideways for best light output results.  The video incorrectly indicates to point the LED chips up/down.


SMZ LED Fanless Headlight System
Color temperature: 5000K
LED Type: 2X Philips Luxeon/Lumiled MZ LED
Bulb base type: 9006/HB4 bulb
Waterproof: Driver and connectors level IP68
Lifespan: More than 30,000 hrs in 25°C ambient
Lumens: 2400

No Noise: Perfect thermal management is achieved by utilizing both a red copper core and flexible nickel plated copper bands/straps

Not for use in low voltage high/low beam DRL applications.