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EASY Under Armour Face Mask Mod for Air Leak issue – DIY Fix any Face Mask Fogging Glasses Issue

Blog_EASY Under Armour Face Mask Mod for Air Leak issue - DIY Fix any Face Mask Fogging Glasses Issue

When my wife and I first saw an Under Armour employee wearing one of their face masks we were impressed by the looks of it and ended up buying 2.  Unfortunately, when we started to use them, we started to realize that there was a lot of air leaking around the nose which caused my wife’s glasses to fog up and my safety glasses to fog up too.  So in this post, I’m going to show a quick, easy mod to hopefully try to resolve this issue in the Under Armour SportsMask / Project Rock mask or any other mask you have.

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For the latest updates of us using this mod check the end of this post!

New package of Under Armour SportsMask (Non-medical face mask)
New package of Under Armour SportsMask (Non-medical face mask)

I’d like to mention that we were fitted by a store employee and so I would think that the size of the mask is the correct one for both of us.  Also, the mask width seems to be correct for both of us as it is not too tight or loose around the face or ears.

As per Under Armours sizing charts, my wife measures about 5 1/2″ and I am about 6″ for the nose bridge to Center of Ear/Middle of inner ear.  This correlates to sizes of S/M and M/L, respectively.

Wearing a properly fitted Under Armour Sports Mask

As I understand, a mask protects you and others by having the air you breath in and exhale, pass through the mask material.  This helps filter out respiratory droplets.  If there is leakage of air around the face or nose then I don’t think it would be doing its job properly.  Plus, it’s really annoying when it fogs up your glasses.

Here are some of what I’ve read up about masks and COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2 virus).

 → WHO – When & How to use masks

 → CDC – How to wear cloth face coverings

 → Forbes – CDC changes definition of close contact

 → Business Insider – Best and worst face masks

 → CBC News – Why you should where a mask (indoors & outdoors)

Adjusting fit around nose while wearing UA face mask
Adjusting fit around nose while wearing UA face mask

Even though this mask has a metal strip to form around your nose, it’s really too weak to hold its shape when you pinch it around your nose.  So, let’s do the mod…

If you want to buy these strips to try out for yourself, check further below for the links.

We also have a few other anti-fog solutions that we haven’t tried yet that others have, so check them out further below.  One of them has actually gone viral!

After wearing the mask for 1 hour with the mod, it seems to have addressed most of the problems with the leakage but it still does leak a little here and there.  However, It does leak more when you bend your head forward to look down.  Only time will tell how this holds up.

Buy Under Armour Sports Mask here

There is another mod idea I have for this, that I plan on trying out, if this one doesn’t pan out.  If we get enough interest on the video, I’ll look into making another video for that mod.  If you enjoyed this post, share it on your social media.

Thanks for your support and stay safe!

Buy the nose strips here

  →  Metal Nose Strip (30 pcs)

  →  Metal Nose Strip (50 pcs)

  →  Metal Nose Strip (100 pcs)

  →  Metal Nose Strip (200 pcs)

  →  Under Armour Sports Mask

 Also available but we haven’t tried yet:

  →  Foam/Sponge nose pads

  → Dr. Heiferman’s Hack (“brilliantly simple”)
         Find out how to use here for “no more foggy vision!”.

  → A better alternative: Flexible hypoallergenic tape

Wearing US SportMask with nose strip mod
Wearing US SportMask with nose strip mod


Usage:  We’ve since used the UA SportsMask many times with this mod and it has held up well.  It does take some adjustment at the beginning of wearing it but eventually settles down and helps prevent fogging of our glasses.  Though, it does still leak sometimes and needs adjustment throughout a session but is much better than without the mod.

Washing: The nose wire has so far lasted several washes in the washing machine when put in a delicates washing bag.  First flatten the mask then put into the delicates bag.  Initially, after the wash, part of the nose strip may come off, if you don’t peel it completely off and let it dry, it does stick again.  Make sure when you first apply it, you have clean hands, the mask is clean and dry.  You want to make sure you also press the fabric of the mask into the dimple (Concave area) of the metal strip to help it adhere properly to the mask material.  Also do this after every wash.

Drying: Since you are going to wear these masks and breathe through them, I would suggest that if you are going to dry them in the dryer, not to use any Bounce/Fleecy/Static sheets as those leave behind highly concentrated scent particles.  Not great to be breathing in.  For us, we hang dry our reusable non-medical masks.

Aside from wearing a mask, physical distancing is also a very important part of staying safe!