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Haircut at home? Don’t cut hair with normal scissors… Home hair cut scissors we tried and love

Blog_Don't cut hair with normal scissors - Home hair cut scissors we tried and love

There are many reasons to try to save money and spend less by doing things yourself and getting haircuts at home is another great way to save some money.  Learning how to cut hair at home is a great skill to have, whether it’s for children, women or men.  Often times a hair stylist charges a lot for haircuts but for some reason even simpler, basic haircuts for women cost more than a complex haircut done on men.

Add to this the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic and now your city could be on lockdown/shutdown to non-essential services or you and loved ones could be hesitant of going anywhere indoors for more than 15 minutes at a time.  That’s what my wife and I did this year with the COVID-19 lockdown in our city and though it was challenging at first, with some haircut lessons on YouTube, a little practice, the results were pretty good.  Our home haircutting experience was surprisingly calming and meditative once we got into the groove and flow of things.

This is something we think we will do ourselves going forward and in the future if we have children.  The haircut scissors we used here have paid for themselves by now and will definitely continue to going into the future!

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Cutting hair at home in washroom - Before
Cutting hair at home in washroom - Before
Cutting hair at home in washroom - Hair that was cut

If you’ve decided to cut your husband, wife or children’s hair and don’t know what scissors are best for cutting hair at home then check these out.  The last thing you want to do is to use a pair of scissors not meant for haircutting or are dull.  Dull or kitchen scissors will only result in frustration and poorly cut hair that can lead to split ends.

We’ve found a quality pair of haircutting scissors that are sharp, not too expensive and better than a lot of the cheap quality ones found in the supermarket and online nowadays.  Too many top rated scissors found online only look nice on the surface but don’t perform.  So far these have worked out really well for us and that’s why we are recommending them.

Though, these aren’t necessarily the top-notch, professional grade hair cutting scissors (worth several hundred dollars) out there but for home use, these will be more than what you need.  You don’t need a $100 or higher pair that will be used to cut hair 5 days a week, 8 hours a day, but you do need a sharp quality pair like these.

The first time we cut each others hair we used scissors that were not the sharpest and it made the experience frustrating as the hair would keep sliding away from the blades and not getting cut after each snip.  Not to mention that dull scissors also result in split ends.

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Let’s go over the features that make these good.

First, these pair of haircut scissors/haircut shears are sharp and made with quality and style.  First good impression is from the polished finish that is very clean and sharp.  When you run your fingers over the laser etched logo and look close-up you can feel and see the fine details.  It’s nicely done.

As you look more closely, you notice the precision-made parts and can see that everything fits together nicely while the blades slide smooth against each other.  There is a subtle but gentle click as you slowly and fully close the scissors that gives you a satisfying feeling.

Find links to where we purchased ours further below!

Second, these are scissors made for hairdressing or for cutting hair.  They have many features found in higher priced professional haircutting scissors as detailed below.

Finger Rest / Tang

The finger rest or tang that extends from the finger ring of the static blade helps you keep balanced and precise control of the scissors as you cut.

Ergonomic soft thumb and finger inserts

These black rubber inserts provide comfort for your thumb and finger as you use them.

Bumper / Silencer

The clear rubber bumper absorbs the energy at the end of every stroke to lessen strain on your cutting hand.

Adjuster screw

The adjuster screw allows for easy tension tuning to let you set the amount of pressure you need to exert to open and close the blades.  This help prevents strain to your fingers and allows you to fine tune engagement of the blades and the feel of the blade action for a smooth cut.

Not all haircut scissors have this but it is an important feature as some scissor blades loosen overtime which results in the hair not cutting properly and just sliding out or folding over the blades.  This is very frustrating if you’ve ever experienced it.

Rounded point tips

When cutting hair, you don’t want to accidentally poke the person getting the haircut or yourself when you use one hand to hold the hair as you cut.  The rounded tips help reduce injury when you do happen to slip.

If you use the slide cutting technique this is more likely to happen if you are new to haircutting or have not practiced much.

Convex edge blade with hollow-grind 

This type of blade allows for smoother cutting and excels at slide cutting.  This type of edge is the sharpest edge you can get on a pair of scissors.

Ergonomic handle

The handle of the bottom blade (static blade) is ever so slightly bent at the base to give the scissors a better ergonomic fit in your hands that makes for easier cutting and a more comfortable grip.

This also means that these scissors will not fit a left-handed person.  You will have to get a set that is geared for lefties.  Check below as the company that makes these also has left-handed scissors.

Stainless steel

They are made of stainless steel so they won’t stain or rust easily.  The steel used is tough, though not the hardest that are typically used in commercial grade hairdressing scissors.  That said, these should still be suitable for home use.

Storage pouch

You even get a nice, quality storage case to store you scissors in.  Note that both sides can hold a pair of scissors.  The other side holds the thinning scissors which we did not get but is available if you need that too.

For the price, we are very happy with these scissors.  They are great for home use and they definitely worked better than other scissors we have tried before when cutting each others hair.  Always use the right tools for the job at hand and it will make your life easier!

Buy these scissors

Surgi Corp Intl is the company that makes these haircutting scissors and has thinning scissors too if you need those.  They have kits available with both haircutting and thinning scissors.  Definitely checkout their line of scissors because they have a large selection with different designs, styles and colours to suit your tastes!

If you’re left-handed, don’t worry, you aren’t forgotten as they also come in left-handed form.

Checkout the LARGE selection at the online store we purchased our scissors from here.


DO NOT use these for anything else other than cutting hair because it will dull or blunt the blade.  So do not even use these for cutting paper or card.

Make sure to store these properly in their protective case, and to close the blades together whenever you put them down as the blades can get nicked accidentally when left open as you set them down temporarily.

During my haircut (Men’s haircut) we also used a hair clipper/hair trimmer to cut the sides and the back.  It makes things easier, faster and more consistent.  This is what my wife did first when cutting my hair.  The scissors were used to cut the hair in the crown area and also to blend the rest of the haircut out at the end.

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