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How to get rid of Fruit Flies and Gnats at Home – DON’T use the same traps

Blog_How to get rid of Fruit Flies and Gnats at Home - DON’T use the same traps

If you’ve ever had a fruit fly or fungus gnat infestation in your house then you know how annoying they can get.  They like to fly up in your face, in your nostrils, get in your food and drinks and a lot of times they just won’t leave you or your food alone.  Not to mention the potential for food contamination with bacteria or other pathogens.  I swear these bugs annoy you on purpose.  See in the video below, how one taunts me as I try to squish him.

If you are fed up with these little pests too then read on because you don’t use the same strategy for both.  Find out why you don’t use the same traps for these pests and what the best fruit fly trap and best gnat traps are.  I also show you how to make a fruit fly trap and how to make a gnat trap that works best for each type of pest.

Finally!  Get rid of gnats and fruit flies permanently!

Warning - Many flies and gnats were harmed in the making of this video

Watch the full video here!

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Fruit Fly or Gnat?

Which pest do you have a problem with?  Fruit flies or Fungus gnats?  It’s important to determine because the method used will be different.  The easy way to tell is that the fruit flies have a tan or reddish color and look like tiny house flies.  The fungus gnat on the other hand are typically black, smaller and don’t look like house flies.

Once you have identified which you have, here is what you use for each type of pest.

Fruit Fly

Fruit flies are attracted to ripening or fermenting foods like fruits and vegetables.  So the way to get rid of them is to make a trap that uses apple cider vinegar, white vinegar or red wine.

Simply get a clear jar, glass or bowl and pour some apple cider vinegar in.  Fill the container about 1/2 full.  This is the bait.

Then put a few drops of dish soap in and stir to mix.  The soap lowers the liquid’s surface tension making it harder for the flies to float on top.

They will more likely sink when they land on the liquid like the black pepper flakes in our demo.

Cover with saran wrap then poke several small holes at the top.  Only poke holes slightly larger than the flies.

The flies are then attracted to the smell coming from the jar and go in through the holes then either get stuck in the liquid or can’t escape the jar because they aren’t smart enough to go back where they entered.  We use a clear jar because the flies try to escape through the clear glass, but can’t.  This also takes their attention away from the saran wrap, therefore less chance of escaping by luck.

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Fungus Gnat

The solution used for the fruit flies doesn’t seem to work on the fungus gnats so a different strategy is required.

Fungus gnats are attracted to plants, soil, potting mix, organic decomposition, light and excess moisture.  You can use sticky fly traps and set them in the soil of all your potted plants.

They are quite effective, as you can see.  You can also use electric bug zappers where there is a UV light that attracts them and a grid that electrocutes the gnats when they touch it.

The gnats don’t seem to be very intelligent when it comes to water.  We see a lot of them drown themselves in pots, bowls and cups of liquid and that’s why we tried our own little experiment.  It seems to work too so if you don’t have any of the stickies or UV traps, then try this.

We use a small lid from a container and add a few drops of dish soap and mix with water.  You only need it to be about half full.  Use more soap if you like.  Remember from before about reducing the water’s surface tension?  I’ve seen some flies land in my drinks before, not get stuck and then fly off, so the soap should help trap them in the liquid.  We’ve tried different colour lids like white, yellow and transparent.

Since these gnats seem to like the fluorescent yellow of the stickies, we tried yellow thinking it would be best.  That’s not the case as it seems that the clear one works best so far.  They also seem to like our silver pot so you can try silver too.

Solve the Problem not the Symptoms

So far, I’ve showed you the traps used to catch these pests, but know that they won’t entirely solve your problem.  The traps only deal with the symptom but not with the problem.  You will have to eliminate the source of the problem, which is where they are breeding and feeding.

So, resolving the problem and not the symptom is the best way to really get rid of gnats and fruit flies.

Here are some quick TIPS on this…
  • Make sure to keep the house clean.
  • Empty the trash and recycling bins regularly.
  • Don’t leave food out and uncovered.  These pests can even get into food containers that are not air tight.
  • Also, don’t leave fruits or vegetables out. Especially when they are ripe, rotting or have cuts or damage to the skin.
  • Keep sinks and drains clean.
  • Keep mops and cleaning cloths clean and dry.
  • Regularly wipe counter and table tops clean of spills
  • Have window and door screen mesh for when you have them open to the outside.
  • If you have indoor plants, fungus gnats live in the soil of potted plants and flowers.  Not overwatering indoor plants, providing good drainage and getting rid of infested plants will help.

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There you go!  Effective ways to get rid of fungus gnats and fruit flies in your house!

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