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How to hang things on vinyl siding – Installing security camera, solar panel, motion sensor & more!

Blog_Tech_How to hang things on vinyl siding - Installing security camera, solar panel, motion sensor & more!

In this post find out how to use these vinyl siding hangers to mount your security cameras, solar panels and motion sensors.  Find out all you need to know about these vinyl siding hangers to make the best use of them.  They are great for hanging things on vinyl siding without drilling holes, but did not hold the 12 lbs they were rated for.  But don’t worry as I have a hack that will make them hold at least 12.5 lbs in my testing.

When it comes to installing security cameras and other items on the outside wall of your house, drilling holes is not always the best way.  It’s definitely not the easiest.  If you have vinyl siding then these hangers are the perfect solution and may be just what you need.

Let’s find out more about them next.

Frakking Creations… showing you the good stuff on vinyl siding hangers.  If you haven’t read or watched our other posts/videos on easy solar power for security cameras, extra long USB power cables and portable laptop stands, check them out too.

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More about the vinyl siding hangers

These vinyl siding hangers can be used to hang a lot of other things including house address signs, solar lights, cables and more.  Not to mention that these are not permanent.  Just reposition at any time if you need to change install locations.  These are also a great solution for renters, where your tenant agreement prevents you from drilling into walls.  See!  We have this security camera installed outside an apartment unit too… This is good stuff!

They are made of stainless steel so they shouldn’t rust and are good for outdoor use.

Find links to these hangers below.

Note that the supplied screws have different head sizes.  In my set, there are two different sizes supplied.  For our Eufycam install the supplied screws did not fit the mount so we had to go to the local home hardware store to buy machine screws that have heads that fit and were longer.  FYI, the screw thread size is 8-32.

Installing Security cameras & Motion sensors

When used to install security cameras or motion sensors, you will likely use two or more hangers since most mounts use three mounting screws and only 2 will line up at once.  If you use our hack to make these hangers hold more weight, then two screws should be enough to hold the cameras up.  Find out how to do the hack later in this video.

For our installation, we used two hangers because these Eufy mounts only use two screws and as for the motion sensor mount, only two will line up at a time.  A good thing to note is that for 3 screw mounts, attach to the hangers using the bottom two holes.  The reason is that you can use a screw and nut to fill the top hole for a more secure hold.  Here’s why… Normally, if you tilt the clip up like this, it will eventually release its hold when lifted high enough.  So, one thing to do for the three screw mounts would be to attach a screw and nut in the top hole such that it pushes the top of the mount outwards.  This prevents or at least makes it harder for the mount to lift up when it’s windy out or for whatever reason.  When it doesn’t tilt up, it is more secure.

Some people mount the cameras on a backing plate using all screw holes, then mount the plate on the vinyl siding hangers. If done right, it can make it so that the hangers hold more securely. You can use the method that suites you best.

Installing Solar panels

For the solar panel install, note that there are four corners to attach.  You want to attach all four corners so that if it gets windy, the panel won’t easily act like a sail and get ripped off.  Unfortunately, the size of the panel doesn’t exactly match with where the hangers will hook into the vinyl siding on all four corners.  Here’s the simple solution.  We’re going to use these keyhole bracket hangers to act as adjustable brackets at the bottom.  Note that they are zinc plated to better withstand the weather.

First attach the solar panel loosely to the top two hangers.  Note that the grommets on this particular solar panel are large and will not work with most screws.  So I used some stainless-steel finishing washers that are slightly larger than the panel grommets and also fit the screws we are using.

Find more details on all the items used in the video description below.

Attach the keyhole brackets to the vinyl siding hangers using screws.  Make sure to keep them slightly loose.  Then insert the bottom hangers into the siding.  Next, position one end of the brackets to line up with the lower solar panel grommets.  Once you have the positions lined up, tighten the screws on the keyhole bracket to secure in place.  Then tighten the top vinyl hanger screws, making sure to center the finishing washer.  The two bottom brackets and grommets should still line up.  Lastly, attach and tighten the bottom bracket using the finishing washers, screws and nuts.  That’s all to it… a very secure solar panel install that looks good and can be repositioned without much trouble.

Vinyl Siding hangers / Vinyl siding clips

Alternate Security Camera Mounts

Vinyl siding hanger hack

As mentioned before, our hack was needed to make sure the clips can hold more weight.  Here’s how it works.  Take two pliers and carefully bend the corners of the clips downwards like this.

When doing this, just be careful not to let the clip slip when you are bending.  You can scrape or cut yourself so wear work gloves to protect your hands and safety glasses too.

When bent down enough, the two corners will act as hooks that hold on stronger to the vinyl siding.  Note that it will also be harder to push the hangers into the siding.  That’s all there is to it!

Note that since not all vinyl sidings are the same, your vinyl siding may not hold as much as ours.  You will need to test the hack to see if it is good enough for your application.  In any case, the hack should improve the original weight holding capacity out of the box.  Also, note that there are different brands of these vinyl siding hangers so I can’t speak for ones that are different than the ones I used here.  Find links to the ones we used in the description below.

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