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How to Stop windshield cracks – Do this before using DIY windscreen chip repair kits + Tips

Blog_Cars_How to Stop windshield cracks - Do this before using DIY windscreen chip repair kits + Tips

Don’t you hate it when you get rock chips or cracks in your windshield glass?  It’s something we all share as car owners and enthusiasts and luckily for us there are relatively inexpensive DIY kits out there we can use to easily repair this kind of damage.  For most of us, we are familiar with the Syringe style glass repair kits available but are less familiar with the Bridge style windshield repair kits.  The Syringe style kits do have a drawback that the Bridge style kits don’t have so check out the video to find out more.


Also find out what else needs to be done to repair windscreen cracks that these repair kits cannot do but you can with the right tools.

In this video I will show what I did to repair a small crack I have on my vehicles windshield.  Simply filling the crack with repair resin won’t stop the crack from spreading further and cracking further in random directions.

Watch and learn from my experience and mistakes (what to do and what not to do) and see the end results at the end of the video.

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Windshield Glass Repair Steps shown in the video:

  1. Prep damage area (to stop the crack and clean)
  2. Install bridge
  3. Install Resin Chamber
  4. Fill resin Chamber
  5. Install Pressure Driver
  6. Remove and reinstall Pressure Driver
  7. Remove the whole apparatus
  8. Apply Curing strips and Cure
  9. Remove Curing Strips & Restore windshield surface
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