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MotorStars Italian car tour review | Lamborghini, Ferrari & Pagani Supercar tours

MotorStars Italian Car Factory Tours guest pass

About this video...

Do you love Lamborghini, Ferrari and Pagani supercars? Want to travel and go see them in person?  

MotorStars Italian car factory tours is the northern Italian supercar tour we took and we want to share our experience with you! Watch our MotorStars italian car tour review to get the travel insider scoop!

Why not stay in Bologna or Modena, Italy and go on a day’s worth of a road trip to visit Italian supercar museums and factories?  

Get personalized service with your experienced Ferrari F1, Lamborghini and Pagani host.  Also for those who love food, experience local authentic Italian cuisine during your supercar road trip too.

We are not sponsored by MotorStars and actually found them online ourselves. Because we had a great experience with MotorStars, we would like to provide all those interested a starting point to consider and a peek into our personal experience of the tour.

MotorStars Supercar factory tour

NOTE: The terminology in this video may not accurately reflect that of MotorStars Italian Car Factory Tours.  Please refer to their website for the most up-to-date information.

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