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Need to Resize a Ring? Easy Ways + 2 you never heard of – How to make ring fit DIY Lifehacks

Blog_DIY_Need to Resize a Ring - 13 Easy Ways + 2 you never heard of - How to make ring fit DIY Lifehacks

How to make your ring smaller?  Do you have a ring that doesn’t exactly fit and you need it resized down?  Sometimes due to the material or design of the ring it is not possible for your nearest jeweler to resize.  Other times the material the ring is made of is not easy to work with and so ring resizing is not an option.

So what do you do if you want to wear a ring that’s too big and can’t be resized?  OR maybe you just need a temporary solution until you can bring your engagement ring or wedding ring in for resizing?  Don’t worry!  We looked for all the different solutions and lifehacks out there and compiled them into this video.

Watch on to see 13 ways we’ve found that you can use to make your ring fit tighter without actual ring resizing.  Plus learn our 2 alternative DIY resize ring hacks and see how to make your ring fit tighter!

Jeweler resizing not required.

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Commonly used terms

Before we start, here are some common terms to help your search for easy ring resizing:

  • Ring Adjuster
  • Ring Insert
  • Ring Guard
  • Ring Reducer

For the Wedding ring resize method shown in the video, note:

If resizing a comfort fit band using a film that is smaller than the band width can help it attach better. You might have to experiment with smaller or different widths for better results.

We used Phantom Skinz cell phone protection film that can be found here.  They sell protection film for many devices from cell phones to tablets, laptops, game systems, watches and more so check them out for that too.

They also have custom sized protection film you can buy.  So if you are using this for the hack that we showed then you can order a square sized piece to use on more than one ring.  These are found here. 

For the Engagement ring resize method shown in the video, note:

(and other similar style rings)

The Monofilament Ring Guard solution used 30 lbs. fishing line  (0.55 mm / 0.022″ diameter).  You can also use fluorocarbon fishing lines too if you prefer.  You can use smaller or larger diameters of line too but there will be a limit to the size that you use.  Too large or small a diameter may make it look bad or may need more wrapping.

Our Engagement Ring from video (Affiliate link):  Verragio Insignia INS-7063-2T in Platinum with Rose Gold Insignia Scroll and custom engraving bought at James Allen.

Our Wedding ring from video:  Titanium Forged Carbon Fiber wedding band with custom engraving bought at Hersteller Rings.

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15 easy ways to resize rings

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