Smart travel backpack tips, hacks & essentials


Smart travel backpack tips, hacks & essentials. 

Whether or not you’re travelling, on an airplane, touring or heading to a festival it’s important to have a reliable, multi-functional and anti-theft personal item. 

The backpack I have used and featured in this blog has been to Europe, the Philippines, recently to Houston, Texas and to local city festivals. 

Here are tips to consider when purchasing a travel backpack and I sprinkled some other helpful travel essentials throughout the blog.

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1) Personal item travel backpack 13.3″

2) Personal item travel backpack 15.6″ (Not purchased by us OR shown in video)   

3) Double-walled water bottle 

Anti-theft backpack

Zippers and pockets are on the inside of the backpack right at your back not at the front. 

A very sleek design that deters petty theft of your items.


You need something that can withstand buckets of rain and not get your personal items wet inside the backpack. 

The backpack can repel water during a rainfall. The rain drops rolls/trickles off the backpack.

Multiple compartments

The backpack has multiple pockets and compartments inside. This is an automatic way to organize and prioritize where personal items go for ease of access or for hiding.

The backpack can open up to 180 degrees to pack everything.

The backpack featured in this blog is a Kingsons 13” backpack. The backpack has:

  • Pocket for sunglasses
  • Laptop holder with straps
  • Tablet holder with straps
  • Lots of open pockets
  • Lots of zipper pockets

You can choose how to use the pockets, you don’t necessarily have to use it based on what is listed above.

This particular backpack is small (13”), but it fits lots of items.

I loved using the back pocket of the backpack because I can access what I needed immediately.

Travel quick tip: Use a double-walled water bottle. I can fit my double-walled water bottle in this featured backpack. Great for keeping drinks hot or cold and if you don’t want to purchase bottled water and want to refill with tap water.

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Meets air carrier restrictions

The backpack would be considered a personal item on air carriers.

It’s important to check the dimensions of the personal item the air carrier will allow. 

For example, this is Air Canada’s:

Click here to go to Air Canada’s website for the most up-to-date information on carry-on and personal item dimension restrictions.

The backpack should easily fit under the airplane seats in front of you.

Travel quick tip: Put your personal item bag in a bag. Because airplane floors are dirty.

Great support

The backpack strap should hug your shoulders, have lots of padding on the shoulder straps and back of the backpack giving good support and comfort. 

The weight of the backpack should be equally distributed across your shoulders – very important when touring for long hours.

The backpack has a thick heavy-duty solid handle at the top of bag to easily grab and hang on hooks.

Easy to transport

Not bulky for a backpack when carrying it and it can easily be secured on top of a carry-on.

Travel quick tip: Put your CATSA / TSA approved liquids bag in your personal item bag for ease of access. Put your CATSA / TSA approved liquid items bag in your personal item bag for ease of access at security.

USB port for charging devices

There’s a compartment inside the backpack to hold your external battery that’s attached to a USB cable that is attached to the external USB port outside the backpack. 

This is an easy charging option for your electronic devices, where you just connect to your backpack USB port, instead of having to hold your electronic items with the external battery or search for a free electrical outlet. 

The backpack featured in this blog has other features…

There’s a nighttime reflective sticker on the back.

A suction to put your phone on, but I personally don’t like using this in case my phone drops.

Also a place where you can hang your sunglasses.

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