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STOP Keyless car Theft & Secure your Car Computer – Car theft prevention with OBD Saver protection

Blog_Cars_STOP Keyless car Theft & Secure your Car Computer - Car theft prevention with OBD Saver protection

Why lock the OBDII Port on your car?  Cars with keyless entry and keyless start can be stolen easily just by hacking!  How are cars hacked and what can you do to prevent this?  Read on and improve your car safety today and prevent electronic keyless car theft through its OBD2 port!

Before I get started, I just want to quickly go over the important things you can do to protect your car.

Some important advice

First things first.  If someone wants your car bad enough, they will be able to steal your car.  So don’t fool yourself into thinking that you can make it impossible for someone to steal your car.  Even with GPS tracking security systems, the GPS can be jammed or cell signals can be jammed.

Second.  No matter how many preventative things you do the worst thing would be to think you have the perfect solution.  A false sense of security is worse than having a simple solution and practicing common sense knowing that you don’t have the perfect solution.

There’s the usual common sense advice you should follow first:

  1. Park in a safe spot.  Well lit, not deserted and not in an unsafe area of town
  2. Lock your doors and double check.
  3. Don’t store valuables in your car.  If you do, they should be hidden in the glove box or trunk.  Both locked properly of course.  And if on vacation and you are driving around to get to different points of interest, you should already get anything you need from the trunk before you travel to the next point of interest.  Don’t arrive, park and then go grab your gear from the trunk.  It allows anyone who may be watching to see what you have in your trunk.  And worse yet, they will know you are going to be away for some time.
  4. Lock your steering wheel with a decent steering wheel lock.  This is more of a deterrent and actually something to slow a thief down.  Most steering wheel locks can be defeated in less than 2 minutes.  One security researcher tested 13 of the best steering wheel locks from club style to entire wheel style locks and they were defeated anywhere from 4 seconds to 2 minutes.

There are other ways to stay safe and there are many videos online on these so I will move on to my main topic.

With that out of the way, I would like to suggest other ways of protecting your car in today’s scenario.  Thieves don’t hot wire cars anymore.  They can hack them now.  There are cheap electronic devices they can buy online now for as little as $30 that will allow them to unlock your car doors.

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The aim of this post is to inform you and provide ideas for ways to slow the thief down and making it as difficult as possible.  The idea is to be as unique as possible so that if you become a target the thief will encounter one surprise after another.  In this post I want to introduce the OBD Saver, which is an OBD port lock.

Today’s cars are computers on wheels.  Each car has several computers but these aren’t your everyday desktop or laptop computers.  They are simpler and don’t run any security software like firewalls, anti-malware or anti-virus software.  Thieves are learning ways to hack cars/car computers and one way they do this is through the OBD II Port which all cars since 1996 have.

This port is usually located under the dash or steering wheel and is not locked so it’s easy to get to.  The car’s ECU (Engine Control Unit) is even accessible/programmable when the car isn’t turned on.  Don’t make it easy for anyone who can break into your vehicle to hack it and steal it without the keys using things like RollJam or relay attacks.  Stay informed and protect yourself with an OBD blocker!

As cars start to have more and more autonomous driving/auto pilot capabilities it becoming more and more important that they are protected from being hacked.  Every level of protection will help.  This is also why companies like Blackberry are focusing on car security with software like QNX and Jarvis.

Keyless start / Keyless entry

Nowadays, a lot of cars come with Keyless entry and Keyless start.  That combined with the fact that cars are now computers on wheels, it’s very easy for someone to hack your car.  Keyless start is convenient, but anytime something is made more convenient it is usually at the cost of something else and in this case it is security.  Thieves are now able to plug in a small computer to your car’s OBD (On Board Diagnostic port) and program a new blank key that will work on your car.  Within minutes a new key is programmed into your car and they can then press the start button and drive it away.

Car Keyless Start/Stop button

OBD port lock

Car OBD II Port under the dashboard

One thing you can do on this front is to either relocate the OBD port or put an OBD Port Lock on it.  Make sure to buy one that is good quality.  Don’t buy cheap plastic ones that can be ripped off easily.  I have one here called the OBD Saver that is high quality and made of full metal.  It has a key that can be used to unlock the device, which then allow access to the OBD port.

As you can see here this is the OBD-Saver OBD II Port lock.  The company that makes these hasn’t developed it for all makes and models yet but if your car is supported then this is a viable solution.  It is made of full metal and is very solid.

Another idea would be to relocate the original OBD port and place a dummy port in its place.  The relocated port will use the OBD-Saver lock.  This new location can be hidden or harder for the thief to get to and if they get to it, they will have to spend more time trying to break the lock.

OBD-Saver OBD II Port lock

If you are finding our content useful and want to get the OBD-Saver too, you can use our affiliate links to below to purchase.

Check for fitment here.

Alternative seller 3:

NOTE:  The Universal lock typically works for other models not listed with a specific supported make or model vehicle.

They are available for many makes and models including the following:

Audi, BMW, Ford, Land Rover, Man, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Porsche, Seat, Skoda, Toyota, VW, Mercedes


In the end, you want a solution that is unique to you.  That way a potential thief that already knows how to break into your make and model of car, will have a harder time with your car as they wouldn’t have been able to learn about it from other thefts they have performed or even from the internet or Youtube.

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