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Travel Japan: Bokksu autumn harvest japanese snacks and first monthly themed box

Bokksu 2 - Autumn Harvest box and guide

Never been, miss or can’t travel Japan, have Japan come to you! Travel Japan by bringing home authentic local made Japanese premium snacks. This is our very first ever monthly themed Bokksu unboxing and review of their Autumn Harvest themed box.

Bokksu is a monthly subscription service, where each month you get an authentic Japanese snack-filled box made-only in Japan.

We are not sponsored by Bokksu and are providing our honest review.

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Shipping experience

Bokksu 2_Canada Post

The shipping experience was different for this box.

Timeline of events:

I received email notifications on:

Sun., Sept. 20/20 – Pre-paid order confirmed. Reason it’s a pre-paid order, is because I purchased a three month subscription plan, which means that the subscription would auto-renew every three months.

Bokksu receipt

Tues., Sept. 22, 2020 – Order shipped via Japan Post and no tracking provided. Instead they mentioned that the estimated arrival time would be within two to three weeks.

Bokksu 2_No tracking message

Sun., Sept. 27, 2020 – potential shipping delay due to Covid-19. Pretty standard at this point as the pandemic is not over.

Bokksu delay due to Covid-19

Tues., Oct. 6/20 – Bokksu delivered via Canada Post

Took about 15 days to ship from Japan via Japan Post to Canada via Canada Post. Just a little over two weeks.

More about Bokksu


Bokksu 2_Box featured

This is called a Classic Bokksu box due to the size of the box, where the dimensions are: 8.5″ x 8.5″ x 4.25″. This is the first ever monthly themed box I received from Bokksu and it’s called Autumn Harvest, which is the theme for this month of October.

Sidenote – On YouTube, I have seen old monthly themed Bokksu boxes, so I kind of freaked out a little bit thinking I was getting another Seasons of Japan box due to the size of the box. Low and behold, this confusion was answered by this Thank you note from Danny Taing, the founder of Bokksu that Bokksu has had some recent design changes, from their Culture Guides to Classic Bokksu design and website.

Autumn Harvest snack review

Bokksu 2_Autumn Harvest snacks

We got 13 different snacks in total. The quantity of each snack varies, where for some snacks we got two. In total, we got 20 japanese premium goodies.

  1. Imokari Cube – Fried sweet potatoe cubes
  2. Beniimo Purple Yam Pie
  3. Hojicha Roasted Green Tea Financier – Mini tea cake
  4. Puré Gummy Petite: Grape – Grape gummies
  5. Blanchul Mini Chocolate: Anno Imo Sweet Potato – Mini sweet potatoe flavoured cookies
  6. Pure Potato Chips: Sesame Oil + Salt
  7. Chestnut pie
  8. Uni Rice Crackers
  9. Mori no Madeleine: Apple – Mini french cake
  10. Shittake Mushroom Black Pepper Arare – Shittake mushroom flavoured rice cracker
  11. Smile Harvest Savory Sesame Biscuit
  12. Kurumi Walnut Mochi
  13. Hoshino Hojicha Latte

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Snacks that impressed

The most impressive snacks for my husband was the hojicha roasted green tea financier and then the blanchul mini chocolate: anno imo sweet potato. He loved the flavour of the green tea fancier as it was really really good, it was just the right flavor of the green tea and it wasn’t bitter at all. Sweet but not too sweet. Then the ano imo sweet potato biscuit had a little bit of a cream flavor.

The most impressive snacks for myself was also the hojicha roasted green tea financier because I loved the flavor and that tea flavor came through quite nicely. My other favorite one was the mori no madeleine apple. I loved the taste of the butter and it wasn’t super sweet. I really liked the texture of it.

Overall experience

This round of sweets that came in this box was more sweeter than the first box that we got, which was Seasons of Japan.

Check out our experience with the Seasons of Japan box. The first box you would receive as a first time Bokksu subcriber.

I think it was more sweeter just because of the ingredients that was used which was mainly sweet potato and grapes, due to the Autumn Harvest theme. My husband liked that there was more baked goods, pastries, and pies in this box. I really appreciated the savouriness of the potato chips sesame oil and salt and the shiitake mushroom black pepper arare to really break that sweetness coming from a lot of the snacks that have that sweet potato background.

Keep checking our blog and our YouTube channel as we got another Bokksu review coming up within the upcoming months of their subsequent boxes, so you get to see what the monthly subscription service looks like as a whole.

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