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Travel Japan: Bokksu colors of Kyoto Japanese snacks and second monthly themed box

Bokksu 3 Colors of Kyoto

Never been, miss or can’t travel Japan, have Japan come to you! Travel Japan by bringing home authentic local made Japanese premium snacks. This is our second monthly themed Bokksu unboxing and review of their Colors of Kyoto themed box.

Bokksu is a monthly subscription service, where each month you get an authentic Japanese snack-filled box made-only in Japan.

We are not sponsored by Bokksu and are providing our honest review.

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Shipping experience

Bokksu 3_Canada Post

The shipping experience was different for this box.

Timeline of events:

I received email notifications on:

Tues., Oct. 20/20 – Pre-paid order confirmed. Reason it’s a pre-paid order, is because I purchased a three month subscription plan, which means that the subscription would auto-renew every three months.

Bokksu receipt

Afterwards I didn’t receive a shipping confirmation email for three weeks. I thought this was odd as this is the first time that this happened to me.

I checked their Frequently Asked Questions page on Bokksu’s website to confirm when my order shipped and this is what it said:

Bokksu 3_When does order ship FAQ info

Neither happened, so I contacted Bokksu through their contact form to find out what happened to my order and let them know that I didn’t receive a shipment email.

Bokksu 3_Contact form

This was their response:

Bokksu 3_Response from Bokksu on shipment

There was a technical error on their part that caused the shipment confirmation email to not be sent out. They mentioned it could take up to four weeks for the shipment to arrive. Luckily they confirmed that the box did ship out on Wednesday, October 21, 2020. No tracking was provided in this shipping.

Wed., Oct. 21, 2020 – Order shipped via Japan Post and no tracking provided.

I also didn’t receive the typical email on potential shipping delay due to Covid-19.

Tues., Nov. 17/20 – Bokksu delivered via Canada Post.

Took about 28 days to ship from Japan via Japan Post to Canada via Canada Post, which is four weeks. I was a bit worried that I wasn’t going to receive my box in time and I was stoked about the snacks in this box.

More about Bokksu


Bokksu 3_Culture guide and box

This is called a Classic Bokksu box due to the size of the box. This is the second monthly themed box I received from Bokksu and it’s called Colors of Kyoto, which is the theme for this month of November.

A friendly reminder that if you don’t know what you’re eating from the box, make sure to use their handy dandy culture guide to get more information.

Colors of Kyoto snack review

Bokksu 3_Color of Kyoto snacks

We got 13 different snacks in total. The quantity of each snack varies, where for some snacks we got two. In total, we got 20 Japanese premium goodies.

  1. Tile Candy: Black Sesame Crunch – Black sesame candy
  2. Strawberry Azuki Crunch – Strawberry and azuki red bean flavoured rice puff
  3. Matcha Chocolate Daifuku Mochi – White chocolate cream filled mochi
  4. Kyoto Matcha Waffle Sandwich
  5. Mochi Mochi Chocolate: Mont Blanc – Chocolate and chestnut puree filled mochi
  6. Buson Haiku Senbei – Multi-flavoured rice crackers
  7. Osatsu Snack: Sweet Potato – Roasted sweet potatoe flavoured chips
  8. Noir Soft Cookie: Anno Imo Sweet Potato – Sweet potatoe jam filled soft cookie
  9. One Bite Pound Cake: Anno Imo Sweet Potato
  10. Potato Chips: Kansai Dashi Soy Sauce
  11. Colorful Komachi Rice Cracker Mix
  12. Hojicha Tea Waffle Cookie
  13. Uji Matcha Au Lait

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Snacks that impressed

Snacks that impressed me the most was the Mochi mochi chocolate: Mont blanc. I really like the softness of the mochi. I really like the Japanese mochis that I got from Bokksu so far in terms of it’s soft, it doesn’t stick to my teeth, and it’s very nice to hold. I really like the chocolate that’s inside.

The other snack that I thought was impressive was the Strawberry azuki crunch. It was a refreshing flavor to have, i.e. the strawberry and white chocolate mix with the rice puffs. I really thoroughly enjoyed that.

For my husband, he liked the Mochi mochi chocolate: Mont blanc. It’s a delicacy he really enjoyed it. It reminds him of a coffee crisp chocolate bar. His second favourite was the Potato chips: Kansai dashi soy sauce. He could eat a mouthful of the chips and be in heaven.

Overall experience

For Colors of Kyoto, I really liked the variety that was offered for all the different flavors in this box. I really appreciate it. Because there was such a variety it was very difficult for me to really pick and choose which snacks were impressive.

Keep checking our blog and our YouTube channel for all of the boxes we received in our three-month subscription with Bokksu. We will provide our overall thoughts on our Bokksu subscription in a future blog post and video, so you get to know what you may or may not expect when purchasing from Bokksu.

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After 3 unboxings, is this Japanese snack box subscription worth it?