You’re paying too much for Foam Hand Soap & Foam Face Wash – DIY How to make Foam Soap at home

Blog_You're paying too much for Foam Hand Soap & Foam Face Wash - DIY How to make Foam Soap at home

Today, let’s save some money making your own foaming hand soap refill & foam face wash  while at the same time also be a little more environmentally friendly.

Many companies make a lot of money from everyday consumers by selling products at overly inflated prices and foaming hand soap refills are one of these examples.  I have seen foaming hand soap refills priced at the same price as regular gel hand wash refills and often times the gel soaps even give you more quantity thereby making foam refills a bad idea for the consumer.  What most people may not realize is that foaming soap refills are pretty much just watered-down liquid soaps.

Comparing the price of foaming hand wash refill and gel hand wash refill
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If you make foaming soap yourself using the regular liquid soap refills, you can refill 4 or more times more than what is suggested.  So instead of 3 times as seen here, you can get at least 12 times.  Plus, you can use this method to make foaming soaps out of your favorite liquid soaps, face wash creams, body wash and more.  So try this foaming hand soap hack out!

I reuse an empty foaming soap dispenser bottle and refill it by using regular gel hand soap refill and distilled water.  This also works for cream face wash too!

I like to use these bag style refills because less plastic is used overall.  If you want to be more environmentally friendly, you could find a local “Zero-Waste and Reduced Waste” store that has refill stations for you to refill liquid soaps and shampoos into your own containers.

Check online for a local store near you.

Foaming hand soap in reused foam soap dispenser
Foaming hand soap in reused foam soap dispenser

Making the foam soap refill

Step 1 - Add Soap

Fill the foam bottle with 1/4 to 1/3 of your favourite soap, body wash, shampoo or face wash.  It doesn’t have to be exact as long as you have more water than soap.  Same thing applies to cream face wash cleanser too.

NOTE: In some cases, some liquid soaps don’t work as well or need more or less water.  So experiment with a smaller batch to see what is appropriate for your soap!  There are also a few that don’t work well with this method, so you will just have to use a different liquid soap/liquid gel.

Step 1 - Add liquid soap, shampoo, body wash or face wash
Step 2 - Add Water

Top up the bottle with water but leave enough room for the pump head and for mixing.  I like to use distilled water because it very clean and has impurities and minerals removed.  It is also less likely to promote bacterial growth.

Step 3 - Mix Thoroughly

Mix thoroughly until the solution is uniform.  Have some fun and shake it up really good!

And just like that, you have saved money and can refill 4 or more times or just make a foaming soap, body wash or shampoo with your favourite non-foaming soap or cleanser.


  • You can experiment and adjust the amount of liquid soap you use depending on the strength or smoothness you prefer for your foam soap.  More soap = More smoothness.
  • All the steps above can be done in a bigger container or 4L bottle so that you can make it once and refill multiple times.
  • You can also do this with your favourite shampoos and body wash to make foaming shampoo and foaming body wash.

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